Ukrainian community in the Netherlands

Ukraine is an example of great courage, endurance and spirituality. She went through the centuries in a very difficult way. Ukrainians have always been famous for their great inner strength, unique culture, melodious speech and high standards of morality, open, honest and friendly. There was no time for the formation of the Ukrainian state. Folk songs, Thoughts, legends have brought to us the truth about the long-ago heroic and sad times when the glorious Cossacks-Cossacks defended the will of the people, the sacred lands of their native land. Ukrainians selflessly fought for their future and a better life for their children. And fate granted this flourishing and generous country the desired independence. But it turned out that she has to go through hard times again, the country has become a victim of brutal violence from an aggressive neighbor. The whole world watches with bated breath and supports the Ukrainian people in their sacred struggle for the right to be a sovereign power. The new leadership of the country is making a lot of efforts to improve the life and work of the people of Ukraine, new reforms are being developed that should accelerate the Ukrainian economy: the creation of a market for Silskohospodar lands, judicial reform, strengthening governance in state banks, progress in the fight against corruption and ensuring financial stability. The main priority is social standards, defense, reform of medicine and education.

A little interesting information about Ukraine. Ukraine is a magical nature, it is a unique culture. On the territory of the state there are unique structures that are recognized by international organizations as a world cultural heritage. Historical, architectural monuments, nature reserves and museums play a great role in the system of universal values and the experience of previous generations.

There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the territory of Ukraine, in particular St. Sophia Cathedral of the XI century. In Kiev, ancient Chersonese and ancient beech forests in the Carpathians. In addition to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there are many majestic Orthodox churches in Ukraine, in particular, St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev, the National Historical and Architectural Reserve "Kamenets", the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Khotyn Fortress", the National Arboretum Park "Sofiyevka. Each of these monuments bears the imprint of historical significance, and acts as a carrier of theOne of the most mysterious cultural achievements of Ukrainian culture is the Tripoli culture. It is recognized in the world as the oldest and most developed culture in the territory of modern Eastern Europe of the Eneolithic period.Ukraine is the largest European country, its area is 628 sq. km, for comparison, the area of France is 551.695 sq. km. Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe. This is a small town of Rakhov in the west of Ukraine. Arsenalnaya metro station in Kiev is the deepest station in the world — 105.5 meters. Chernobyl is another tragic and world-famous place. The largest nuclear disaster occurred here. The territory in the north of the country is now the center of the exclusion zone, where abandoned cities have remained, which, in turn, is the object of attention of travelers around the world.

The Ukrainian city of Lviv claims to be the city with the largest number of coffee shops. Lviv can also boast that it is the birthplace of the kerosene lamp. Kiev is the birthplace of the world's largest aircraft Antonov AN-255"Mriya". The aircraft weighs 640,000 kilograms and has a wingspan of 88.4 meters. There are several ski resorts in Ukraine, in particular "Bukovel" in the Carpathians, which has slopes 55 km long and 15 lifts. "Shchedryk" is a world-famous work for chorus by the Ukrainian composer Nikolai Leontovich. Ukraine was the birthplace of one of the first constitutions in the world – the Constitution of Pilip Orlik, which was written by the Ukrainian hetman in 1710. It established a democratic standard for the division of powers in the Government between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. And there are a lot of interesting facts from history, and unique architectural monuments are treated by this amazing country.