Ukrainian community in the Netherlands


The Ukrainian community in the Netherlands, together with the mayor's office of Rotterdam, are discussing a plan to receive refugees from Ukraine

Action in support of Ukraine in Rotterdam

Many thanks to Dutch friends for supporting Ukraine

Our friends are the Azerbaijani community. Together we are a force!

Thanks to Dutch friends for helping Ukraine

Відтворити відео

Collection of humanitarian cargo for Ukraine


Thanks to the NATO program, Ukrainian servicemen who were seriously injured in the fighting with the Russian occupiers received the opportunity for treatment, prosthetics and rehabilitation in hospitals in the Netherlands. Today activists of the Ukrainian community of the Netherlands met our heroes who arrived for treatment. According to the developed program, they will be provided with medical care, physiotherapy and psychological support, as well as prosthetics.

Today, on February 19, a large action "European Solidarity Day "STAND WITH UKRAINE" was held in Brussels to support Ukraine for its independence and sovereignty.

The entire civilized world sided with Ukraine and condemned Russian military preparations.
Activists of the Ukrainian diaspora of the Netherlands and Belgium took an active part in this campaign, and made an appeal that Ukraine is an important part of Europe and now we are talking not only about the democratic future of Ukraine, but also about the security of the entire European continent. Europe must maintain unity and solidarity with Ukraine in this difficult time.

An action was held in The Hague in support of Ukraine and against the aggression of the Russian Federation

We are escorting our guys home to Ukraine after treatment