Ukrainian community in the Netherlands


Let's help the Heroes

Rehabilitation of wounded soldiers is no less important than treatment, and often much longer and
much more expensive. The Ukrainian community of the Netherlands has developed a program to assist in
the rehabilitation of Ukrainian defenders in one of the most famous medical centers
Erasmus (Erasmus MC), which is based in Rotterdam


We are planning to launch a program – “Internet without Borders”, during which we will try to provide people with disabilities with computers, technical means, the Internet, etc., which will help them in learning, development, communication and employment, making their life more interesting.

The main military hospital received medical equipment from the Netherlands

The Ukrainian diaspora in the Netherlands handed over medical equipment to the main military clinical hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The medical institution received equipment for operating rooms and new wheelchairs. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky helped organize the deliveries.